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UPMC Mercy Street Medicine Fellowship

What is the Street Medicine Fellowship?

Street Medicine is the direct provision of healthcare and social support to those experiencing street homelessness.  These are individuals who live under bridges, along river banks and in other outdoor settings.  They have been referred to as the unsheltered homeless or rough sleepers.  This population has uniquely high mortality and morbidity due to the complex interplay between their own characteristics and those of our current healthcare system. 

By going directly to the people, street medicine strives to weave professionals into the fabric of the street community and create a new platform of solidarity through which healthcare challenges can be systematically addressed.   The field of street medicines has to date been a grassroots movement.  But over the past few decades, recognized street medicine programs are becoming much more prevalent in the United States and overseas.  Street medicine both pioneers a direct approach to caring for those on the streets and provides a conceptual model for the inclusion of excluded groups.


Those interested in the UPMC Street Medicine Fellowship are invited to contact the Program Director:

James Withers, MD FACP
Teaching Faculty, UPMD Mercy Dept. of Medicine
Assistant Clinical Professor, University of Pittsburgh
Medical Director and Founder
Pittsburgh Mercy’s Operation Safety Net
249 South Ninth Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15203
Phone: 412-657-6158