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Educational Programs

CARES provides highly trained, expert speakers who can talk to your corporate or community organization about a variety of health and lifestyle topics.


Emotional Burnout
Do you feel robbed of joy and zest for living? Burnout occurs when we have exhausted our physical and emotional resources. Recognize signs and signals and explore strategies for coping and prevention.

Excellence not Perfection
Learn how to recognize unreasonable expectations of self and others. Explore the subtle attitudes and behavior of being perfect, expecting to be perfect and expecting perfection in others. Consider the healthier choice of excellence not perfection.

Happiness is an Inside Job
Life is a building process, a journey, not a destination. This seminar highlights each one of us as a unique individual and our part in that building process as it impacts our personal happiness.

Holiday Stress
From a woman’s point of view, the holidays create a unique challenge. This presentation outlines some of the challenges of the traditional holiday season as well as tips for coping. Discover the benefits of involving family members as much as possible.

Humor – It Does a Body Good
Humor and laughter are gifts we can give ourselves to help survive our challenging, stress-filled world. They can play a vital role in living, learning, working and being healthy. In this session, we will explore the physical and emotional effects of humor and laughter and its impact on stress levels and health. You will also learn easy, fun-filled, practical tips for getting more “smileage” out of your life and work.

What Color is Your Personality
Are you blue, green, yellow or red – or a mixture of all four? Learn what makes you tick, may drive someone else crazy and why. This presentation is great fun for small to medium size groups. A brief preference test is administered and then the results are discussed in an open forum style.


Heart Healthy Eating
Food choices can be a challenge in today’s world with all the offerings available. Learn priorities when it comes to taking care of our hearts, dietary fats, sodium and fiber. Take away ideas for increasing variety in your choices that keep balance and moderation a part of your routine.

Counting On Good Health? Know Your Numbers
Numbers are an integral part of our daily lives. Learn what the numbers of important health tests and screenings mean and how they add up to a healthier you.

Diabetes Overview
Just what is diabetes? Learn the types, common symptoms and diagnoses of diabetes. Healthy food choices for your meal planning are reviewed as along with encouragement to increase physical activity.

Skin Cancer: How to Prevent and Detect
Skin cancer can affect anyone. An alarming one in five Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime! Learn about the three types of skin cancer: basal cell, squamous cell and melanoma. Understand the ABCDE's of melanoma and discover ways to prevent skin cancer. A similar educational program is also available for children and teens.

Weight Loss For Better Health
During a one-hour presentation, our professional staff will discuss the health benefits associated with weight loss and review healthy steps to begin moving towards better health through minimal weight loss. Topics covered will include how modest weight loss can positively affect health and how to set achievable weight loss goals.

Moving Toward Better Health
Our exercise physiologist will present easy exercise designed to get people of all fitness levels moving more. We will discuss how to get motivated to move and how to overcome the embarrassment some people feel when beginning a program.

Sneaky Swaps For Savory Success
Our registered dietitian will offer a few "sneaky swaps", or healthier substitutions for family favorite meals that will lead to better health for everyone at the table.

Breast Health: What Do I Need to Know?
Breast Self-Examination (BSE), an opportunity to use a breast model, are part of this presentation. Find out what breast lumps feel like, how you can do BSE and what to do to follow up.

Growing Older Better Be Funny
A lighthearted look at the many physical changes that occur as we age. Emphasis is placed on wellness promotion through healthy choices.

Menopause: Hearts, Bones, Hot Flashes and Hormones
Explore the facts, fallacies and new possibilities of menopause. This presentation focuses on coping with the internal and external changes associated with the transitional years.

Osteoporosis Can Fracture Lives
Osteoporosis is a disease that gradually weakens bones so they become more fragile and more likely to break. This program looks at risk factors as well as current diagnostic and treatment options.

“Oh My Aching Back!"
This presentation will include instruction in proper posture mechanics and office ergonomics.

Balance/Fall Prevention
Throughout the course of our lives, many of us will have balance issues and need education in fall prevention. Whether for ourselves or a loved one, this presentation will address fall prevention.

“Tell Me Where It Hurts”
This customized presentation can be tailored for the injuries/aches/pains your employees are experiencing at work. We can help design a back wellness and injury prevention program to address those specific issues.

“Spine Pain”
Discuss evidence-based information regarding lower back and neck (lumbar and cervical) pain, the most common causes and simple techniques for relieving the symptoms. We will discuss McKenzie approach to spine care as used throughout UPMC in central Pa..

Discuss one of the most common disorders BPPV (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo) and the simple technique used in Physical Therapy to resolve the symptoms.

Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs
What are the most important nutrients needed in today’s world? Should you be taking supplements? How do you know if supplements are safe?

Childbirth Education & Parenting Education

Breastfeeding Basics
This two-week series for expectant parents focuses on the joys and common concerns of breastfeeding. Information includes the benefits for mothers and babies, initiating feedings, maintaining a milk supply and other practical considerations. Discussion includes combining breastfeeding and working, expression and storage of breast milk, and use of breast pumps.

Baby Care Basics
In this two-week series, expectant parents learn how to care for a newborn. Discussion, demonstration and class participation are used to teach basic information about baby’s bath, cord care, diapering, safety and feeding. Other topics include normal newborn behaviors, symptoms of illness, how to stimulate learning, parenting and issues around returning to work.

Becoming a Grandparent
This one evening class focuses on the experience of the grandparent. New trends in medical practices and current recommendations for infant care and safety will be discussed. Suggestions on how grandparents can support the new family and play a valuable role in the lives of their grandchildren will be shared.


Are You Listening?
In the enthusiasm to make our point, do we miss the opportunity to really hear what our boss, fellow employee or family member is trying to communicate? Learn techniques as well as the positive benefits of active listening.

Ready! Set! Get Organized!
If only I could get organized! Explore ways and share tips of organization at home and in the workplace to make life simpler and accomplish more with less effort.

Ergonomics and You!
Ergonomics is the science of fitting workplace conditions and job demands to the capabilities of the worker. This presentation will show you how to develop a safe work environment for all employees without negatively affecting production.

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