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Patient Stories

A UPMC Patient’s Experience with Shared Decision Making

“Recently I was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer… I didn't know what was ahead and I was unsure where to turn. The following day I went online and reviewed a lot of good information from respected medical websites and also scheduled a consultation with Dr. Steiman, a surgeon who seemed right for me.  Dr. Steiman asked me to complete a decision-making tool titled “Breast Cancer: Should I Have Breast Conserving Surgery or Mastectomy?". The tool was well organized and easy to use. It presented facts and key points that led to a better understanding of my diagnosis and path forward… it provided me with both clarity about the direction I preferred and the framework for a productive initial conversation with my doctor.”

Should I Take a Statin?

Watch this video on how others decided.

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More Videos on How Others Decided

The following videos discuss the process of Shared Decision Making and how other patients came to a decision about what was best for them.

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