Rita Booth: Gastric Bypass Surgery

For over 10 years, Rita Booth tried all sorts of diets to lose weight, but they only worked temporarily.

In the workplace, she felt her weight was affecting her success. She notes that her customers would make decisions on doing business with her based on how she looked.

Not only did Rita want her customers to look at her differently, she wanted to improve her quality of life. Both her blood pressure and blood glucose were increasing.

After doing some research, Rita underwent the pre-requirements for bariatric surgery with a surgeon outside of UPMC. She decided not to go through with the surgery. She felt it wasn't the right time for her.

Rita’s Bariatric Patient Story — A Life-Changing Decision

Five years later, Rita started hearing about UPMC's program and made an appointment for an evaluation.

After an initial meeting, she felt educated and knowledgeable about gastric bypass surgery and thought, “this is the right time with the right surgeon.”

Although it was a difficult decision, Rita underwent the gastric bypass surgery procedure.

Winning Her Battle

Gastric bypass story | Rita BoothRita’s bariatric patient story has a special happy ending.

Rita set a goal for herself — to be healthy and to feel good.

She was lucky to have support from her family and friends. They encouraged her to treat herself to something — a piece of jewelry or a vacation — once she reached her goal.

Being a huge animal lover, (she has four dogs) Rita's “treat” to herself was to donate pounds of dog food for every pound she lost.

The Butler Humane Society was the recipient of her generous donation of 150 pounds of dog food and 8 pounds of dog cookies. Rita would like to lose 30 additional pounds and will donate that amount in dog cookies.

Her high blood pressure has resolved and her blood sugar has decreased.

She credits UPMC with allowing her to take control of her life and feels like she's been given a second chance.

Note: This patient's treatment and results may not be representative of all similar cases.

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