Diabetes Self-Management Education

Program Structure and Length

The number and length of sessions in the program vary from location to location.

Some locations offer one-to-one while others have group sessions. At most locations, each session is about two hours long.

Doctor Referral to the Diabetes Self-Management Education Program

To enroll in the program, you need to obtain a doctor referral. Talk with your doctor or contact your local UPMC Center for Diabetes Education and Support for help.


While most insurance plans cover self-management sessions, please contact your insurance company to confirm coverage of services before enrolling.

Diabetes Classes and Support

You can find diabetes classes, support groups, and other events such as:

Service Description Need Doctor Referral?
One-to-one Counseling Meet with a diabetes educator, a nurse, a dietitian, or pharmacist to discuss issues or concerns about managing your diabetes. Yes
Nutrition Counseling Meet one-to-one with a registered dietitian to discuss healthy eating habits, meal planning, and carbohydrate counting. Our dietitians will also help you develop a diabetes meal plan that's right for you. Yes
Insulin Pump Training Receive detailed instructions on how to use and operate an insulin pump. This service is available at select locations. Contact your local UPMC Center for Diabetes Education and Support for more information. Yes
Diabetes Support Groups Interact with others — just like you — who live with diabetes. Diabetes support groups are free and offered at most UPMC Centers for Diabetes Education and Support. No

Other Events and Classes

UPMC Centers for Diabetes Education and Support offer a spectrum of educational classes and events for people with diabetes.

See upcoming and past community events featuring UPMC diabetes specialists.