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The Medical Toxicology Outpatient Clinic at UPMC Presbyterian

The Medical Toxicology Outpatient Clinic at UPMC Presbyterian evaluates and treats people with effects from animal envenomations, drug and chemical exposures, and environmental hazards at work or home. 

We are a consult only clinic that will provide a treatment plan in conjunction with your primary care physician.

For cases like carbon monoxide poisoning or acid burns, your doctor can quickly refer you to the clinic for further care.

In less obvious cases, your doctor may refer you to:

  • See if symptoms may be due to an exposure.
  • See if an exposure (active or chronic) may put your health at risk and need treatment.
  • Decide on further testing and treatment options.

We welcome primary care doctors to call to help decide if a patient needs care in our clinic.

Outpatient Clinic Address

Our clinic is in UPMC Presbyterian’s Emergency Department:

200 Lothrop Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Clinic director: Michael Abesamis, MD

Valet parking is available at the entrance of UPMC Presbyterian for no extra fee. You will only need to pay the parking garage rate.

Ask Your Doctor to Refer You for an Appointment

The medical toxicology clinic requires:

  • Your primary care or treating doctor to refer you to the outpatient medical toxicology clinic. 
  • All medical records and testing for the last year, or prior to the exposure (whichever is longer). 

Records from your medical providers may be faxed to the clinic at 412-864-3993.

For all other questions, you can reach us at 412-864-5382 or

The clinic accepts most health insurance plans. If you have questions or concerns about coverage or payment, contact us.

Before Your Visit to the Medical Toxicology Outpatient Clinic

Before your first visit, we will mail you an occupational and medical history form. Please bring the completed form and any other medical records with you.

If you had exposure to any chemicals, bring a list along with their Safety Data Sheets, if available.