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Your Endocrinology Visit at UPMC

Our endocrine disease doctors and team can treat and diagnose your hormone-related health issues.

Here's how to prepare for your first visit with UPMC Endocrinology and what to expect when you're here.

What Do I Need to Bring to My First Endocrine Appointment?

On the day of your office visit, please bring:

  • Your insurance card.
  • Prior test results, including images on a CD.
  • A list of your medicines, including vitamin supplements and over-the-counter drugs.
  • The name, office address, and phone and fax numbers of the doctor who referred you.

Providing the above will help our doctors get familiar with your case. We can also keep in touch with your PCP about your care.

If your insurance requires a referral, call your PCP once you've planned your visit with us. If your health plan doesn't pre-approve your office visit, you may need to pay out of pocket.

Waiting Time

Please allow ample time for your first office visit. As a new patient, you will complete a general medical form and have an exam.

The doctor's time with each person will vary based on their condition.

We try to see our visitors on time. But emergencies sometimes occur, and some cases require extra time. For these reasons, there may be delays in our schedule.

When delays occur, we hope you understand. If you can't wait, we'll be glad to reschedule you.

What Happens at My First Visit to UPMC Endocrinology?

When you first visit us, our staff will review your medical history and examine you.

We may want you to have more tests.

Often these include imaging, blood, or lab tests.

You may also need an ultrasound-guided fine needle aspiration biopsy or vocal cord exam. We'll help you schedule these tests.

When will I get my test results?

Your endocrine doctor or nurse will tell you when your test results should be ready.

We often have follow-up visits to go over your test results.

What if I need to cancel my appointment at UPMC Endocrinology?

If you must cancel your planned visit, please call as soon as possible. This courtesy lets us schedule another person for care.

Insurance and Billing

Please call your insurance carrier before you go to the hospital. Most health plans now require people to get approval before hospital admission.

If you do not get approval from your insurance carrier before you go in, they may not cover your care.

We're here to help with your billing questions and concerns.

Learn more about payment plans, price estimates, and financial help or call:

  • UPMC Patient Financial Services Center: 1-800-371-8359.
  • UPMC Customer Service: 1-844-591-5949.

Additional fees for service

You and your insurance company will receive separate bills for the hospital and doctor services you received.

Bills will include charges for outpatient and inpatient care at UPMC. You'll also get separate bills from the UPMC doctors who helped care for you.