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Optical Shops: Routine eye care backed by a research hospital

Scott Drexler, OD
UPMC Eye Care and Optical

The thing that makes the UPMC optical shops different from other places is really when you come in to see us you are buying into a team. You don’t just see the doctor and the staff that’s there but you are seeing the reflection of the whole facility, the whole organization, from the research, the teaching, professionals who are really focused on taking care of you as a patient first and then addressing your eye care needs.

It really is a full-service establishment. It is meant to take you in, get the glasses, get the contacts that you need, give you at the same time a very thorough comprehensive eye exam and look for any kind of eye disease or eye problem that might need further treatment.

First things first

Our first priority when you come in to see us is to make sure that we give you a comprehensive
eye exam.

That includes:

  • Dilating your eyes
  • Looking at the back of your eye
  • Checking for glaucoma
  • Checking for cataracts
  • Checking for any kind of corneal disease

Not just things that are there now, but tendencies you might have for the future, so if nothing else, when you leave you know how healthy your eyes are and if there are things you need to be concerned about.

Selection and convenience

The frame selection in our shop on Forbes Avenue is phenomenal. It has really given us the ability to provide really any level of eyeglass frame that you want from the very high end frames to custom-made frames, specialty frames, right down to the spare pair for the weekend frames.

We have availability as far as the newest lens designs, the newest lens materials, right down to the specialty lens materials that you might need for a very specific work purpose.

The array of contact lenses available to the average patient anymore is phenomenal; it is just anywhere from a daily disposable lens to the newer, very high-oxygen permeable materials. We have a wide variety of lenses available we can use.

Very frequently walk-ins can be taken as soon as they come in. We accept almost all insurance plans, both major medical and vision care plans.

Branching out

Our optical shops really function as extensions of UPMC’s highly regarded eye care center. It allows us to offer routine care to patients, also allowing us to offer an extensive selection of eyeglass frames, contact lenses, and access to an array of specialists when they are needed.

For more information about UPMC Eye Center, contact us at 1-800-446-3797.