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Primary Medical Care at the UPMC Department of Family Medicine

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What is Primary Medical Care?

Family Medicine, General Internal Medicine and General Pediatrics are commonly grouped together and referred to as primary care disciplines. General Internal Medicine doctors focus on adults, Pediatric doctors focus on children while Family Medicine doctors take care of adults, children, and prenatal patients including delivering babies at Magee hospital and caring for the newborns in the Nursery.

Your primary care physician can take care of chronic medical conditions like heart disease, diabetes, depression, COPD and also help you with acute conditions like sore throat, an injured ankle.

In a complex system with the many areas of strength and expertise that UPMC has, a primary care physician can help patients to get the best, most appropriate care from the many experts available. Primary care physicians routinely help to coordinate complex care with a focus on the patient and their needs.

It can include:

What are Vaccines?

Vaccines are medicines that help your body to fight off infections. Vaccinations (or "immunizations") are the shots that are uses to deliver vaccines to your body.

Vaccines are vitally important to keeping you healthy. Some vaccines provide life-long protection, while others need to be given over a certain timeframe. Still others, such as the flu vaccine, need to be given each year.

Children need vaccinations to protect them from disease as they are growing up. Vaccinations are also required from children to be enrolled in school.

We provide immunizations in our offices. Contact one of our family medicine locations to schedule an immunization appointment.

Immunizations: Additional Resources

Visit our Health Library to learn more about vaccinations:

We Provide Quality Primary Medical Care

At the UPMC Department of Family Medicine, our focus is to provide quality medical care.

Our family medicine doctors work with patients of all ages, gender and stages of health to find the best approach to improving their health.

If you have an urgent medical need, we can schedule your appointment quickly, usually the same day you call us, so that you can get the care you need as soon as possible.

If you have a chronic disease or multiple medical problems, we will help you to manage your chronic condition and coordinate care with other specialists if needed.

If you need a primary care doctor, contact one of our family medicine locations to schedule an appointment.​