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Your First Visit to the UPMC Liver Cancer Center

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If you have received a diagnosis of liver disease or liver cancer, the UPMC Liver Cancer Center in Pittsburgh, PA, is the best possible place for evaluation and treatment.

No matter who you are or where you're from, we're here to provide outstanding care and help you and your family through this uncertain and difficult time. 

Contact the UPMC Liver Cancer Center

To schedule an appointment, or for more information, call the UPMC Liver Cancer Center, toll-free, at 1-855-745-4837.

Before Your Visit

  • Your referring primary care physician, oncologist, or gastroenterologist will give us your medical history and current diagnosis.
  • Our office will contact you to schedule your first appointment.
  • We'll send you directions to the UPMC Liver Cancer Center at UPMC Montefiore, information about Pittsburgh, and a list of possible places to stay, if you're from out of town.

What to Bring to Your First Appointment

On your first visit to the UPMC Liver Cancer Center, you will need:

What to Expect During Your Visit

The initial visit may take several hours, depending on your needs.

When you first arrive at the Liver Cancer Center, located on the seventh floor of UPMC Montefiore, you will:

  • Need your insurance information to register
  • Meet your nurse coordinator and liver surgeon
  • Fill out an information packet

The liver surgeon will:

  • Interview you about your medical history, medications, and general condition
  • Perform a physical exam
  • Develop your plan of medical treatment and care

You may need to have further liver diagnostic tests, such as:

After you complete any additional tests, your team of specialists at the UPMC Liver Cancer Center will decide if you are a candidate for surgery to remove your liver tumor.

If you are not a candidate for surgery, the team will refer you to a liver cancer oncologist at the center.

The oncologist — who specializes in treating advanced liver cancers — may recommend a variety of treatments, such as:

If you have concerns or questions about your visit to the UPMC Liver Cancer Center, please let us know.

New Patient Evaluation Form

New patients are asked to fill out pre-evaluation forms prior to their appointment at:

When completing one of these forms, we recommend printing a blank form and filling it out by hand, or using a private, secure computer to fill out the form electronically before printing.