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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the neuroendocrine system?

The neuroendocrine system is where the nervous system (brain, spinal cord, nerves) and the hormones of the endocrine system (glands producing secretions that control metabolic activity, such as the pituitary gland) interact.

What are the signs and symptoms of neuroendocrine cancer?

Because the neuroendocrine system is spread widely throughout the body, this type of cancer can create a variety of signs and symptoms. In many cases, these tumors can secrete excessive amounts of different hormones into the blood stream, which causes symptoms such as flushing of the face, sweating, and diarrhea.

For specific symptoms of each type of neuroendocrine cancer, visit the Conditions We Treat page.

Who will be involved in my treatment?

The entire multidisciplinary team of physicians, researchers, and other health care professionals will be involved in your care at the UPMC Neuroendocrine Cancer Treatment Center. Visit the Our Experts page for a complete listing.

Are resources available for patients and their families?

There are a variety of additional resources that can provide neuroendocrine cancer information and support services to patients and their families, including:

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