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About Pain Management at UPMC

Experts define pain as a message from your nervous system to your brain. Your pain may be a sign that something just isn't right in your body.

But you can count on the pain management experts at UPMC to find out what's causing your pain.

Then we'll tailor an advanced treatment plan to help you:

  • Feel better.
  • Manage your pain symptoms.
  • Regain control.

UPMC pain experts are here for you when you have:

  • Acute pain after an injury, health treatment, or surgery.
  • Cancer or cancer treatment that causes pain.
  • Chronic pain for a long time.

Find a Pain Management Provider at UPMC

Find a Pain Management Location at UPMC

Pain Care Tailored to Meet Your Needs

At UPMC Pain Management, you have access to advanced therapies that help when pain touches your life.

Based on your needs, we may treat you with:

  • Behavioral health techniques.
  • Interventional pain management methods.
  • Medicines.
  • Specialty therapies.

We know that pain differs for each person. That's why we do research to study new ways to manage and treat pain. We use what we learn to make sure you get proper treatment for your pain and find relief.

Our Awards and Recognition

UPMC Pain Management draws dedicated experts from around the world.

We also attract awards and recognition for our outstanding pain management work and research.

UPMC Pain Management Patient Stories

Whether you have acute or chronic pain, UPMC experts can help lessen and manage the pain you feel.

Read stories from people who've found pain relief at UPMC.

Your Pain Management Team at UPMC

The focus of our pain management team is your health and quality of life.

We include you at each step as we create your custom treatment plan. And we work together to help manage your pain so you can enjoy the people, places, and activities you love.