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For UPMC Pain Management Patients

If you're dealing with acute or chronic page, you're at the right place to start feeling relief. As soon as you make an appointment at UPMC Pain Management, our focus is on you and your pain.

We know everyone reacts to pain in their own way. And it can arise from many sources — such as injuries, surgery, or health issues like kidney disease or cancer.

That's why we dig deep to learn what's causing your pain and tailor a treatment plan to relieve it.

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What To Expect at Your Visit

Your first pain management visit allows our experts to discuss your pain symptoms, goals, and treatment options.

We then create a custom care plan that's right for you.

This visit may result in changes to your current treatment plan if another doctor referred you to us. Your new treatment plan may or may not include prescription medicines.

We'll Help You Get Your Life Back

UPMC Pain Management will teach you techniques you can adopt to manage your pain.

By doing so, you can regain the ability to:

  • Work.
  • Engage in activities you enjoy.
  • Get a better night's sleep.
  • Strengthen your bonds with loved ones.
  • Fully embrace what life has to offer.

Contact UPMC Pain Management

If you're seeking expert pain care, reach out to our committed team at UPMC.