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Minor Injuries

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Minor injuries happen to us all the time, and they include:

  • Scrapes
  • Cuts
  • Bruises
  • Sprains and Strains

How are Minor Injuries Treated?

Family Medicine doctors routinely take care of minor injuries right in the office.  We have the supplies and expertise to:

  • Stitch cuts
  • Remove stitches
  • Clean and bandage scrapes and burns
  • Evaluate and treat muscle and joint strains and sprains
  • Evaluate and treat insect and animal bites

Contact Us

If you have a minor injury, contact one of our family medicine locations, to schedule an appointment. We can usually accommodate a visit on the day you call for an urgent visit and have evening hours for your convenience.

Minor Injuries: Additional Resources

Visit our patient education website for more information about minor injuries:

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  • What to Do If You Fall

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