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About Stroke Services at UPMC in Central Pa.

A stroke occurs when there is disruption of the blood supply to the brain. A stroke is a medical emergency requiring immediate care. The sooner a stroke patient receives medical attention, the more likely they are to recover after the stroke.

What Is a Stroke?

There are two types of strokes or "brain attacks." Each requires different treatment.

  • Ischemic stroke. Eighty-seven percent of all strokes are ischemic, caused by a blockage in an artery. They can be treated effectively with clot-busting drugs that must be given within four and a half hours of the start of symptoms. UPMC in central Pa. strives to administer this life-saving medication within one hour of the patient's arrival.
  • Hemorrhagic stroke. This is caused by weakened vessels that rupture (break) and bleed into the brain. Hemorrhagic stroke requires specialized medical or surgical interventions.

Stroke Symptoms

BE FAST: Know the Signs of a Stroke

Symptoms start suddenly:

  • Balance – Are you suddenly walking “drunk”, wobbly, or woozy?
  • Eye – Is your vision fuzzy? Are you seeing two things?
  • Face – Is your face and mouth droopy?
  • Arm – Is one of your arms not moving the same or not able to go all the way up?
  • Speech – Are you talking funny?
  • Time – Don’t wait to see what happens, CALL FOR HELP (911) NOW!

IMPORTANT: Check your phone or watch so you can tell the doctor when the symptoms started.

Stroke Warning Signs - Face, Arms, Speech, Time (Infographic)

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