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Choosing a Primary Care Provider at UPMC in Central Pa.

Whether you choose a family medicine, internal medicine, or pediatric practice for your primary care, UPMC in Central Pa. has a provider to fit your needs.

The practices within UPMC offer patients a wide range of options. Follow these steps in your search for finding a physician for you or a loved one.

Do Some Research

Choose the type of primary care provider (PCP) that works best for you and your family.

  • Family medicine provider treat patients of all ages, from birth to the elderly. They usually treat a wide variety of conditions, including those sometimes treated by specialists (ob-gyn, sports injuries, migraines, etc.)
  • Internal medicine provider typically treat only adults. They treat a wide variety of general and chronic conditions but not usually serious injuries or diseases that may require specialized care (sports injuries, childbirth, serious neurological conditions, etc.).
  • Pediatric medicine provider specialize in caring for children from birth to around age 18. A general practice pediatrician works with their patients and families to manage the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of their patients, in every stage of development. They provide preventive health maintenance for healthy children and may also coordinate care for children who are acutely ill.

Consider your special health needs. If you have chronic conditions or a family history of a disease, search for a provider who specializes in that area.

Check into office hours and location. If the provider’s hours don’t align with your schedule or they’re inconveniently located, you may be likely to avoid going.

Call the provider's office to get a feel for his or her system. You can even ask if the provider participates in “interviews,” giving you the chance to meet him or her in person.

Make sure the provider accepts your insurance.

Visit the Doctor's Office

Set up an introductory visit. Meet with the doctors and the staff and observe how the office functions.

  • Is the staff attentive and organized?
  • Are phones answered in a reasonable amount of time?
  • Observe how long patients are waiting.
  • Ask how far in advance you need to make appointments.
  • What days and times does the doctor see patients?
  • Does the office have after hours appointments?
  • Who provides care in the PCP's absence?

Make an Appointment

To become an active partner in your health care , begin by scheduling your annual wellness visit at with one of the practices. This exam will allow you time to meet with your care provider and review and discuss health concerns, family history, diet, lifestyle habits and safety concerns.

This meeting will include a routine physical exam to check blood pressure, heart rate and breathing, and you can also schedule immunizations to stay up-to-date on vaccinations. At the end of each visit, your provider will summarize your health status and develop a plan of action to achieve your health goals.

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