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Sleep Studies at UPMC in Central Pa.

What is a sleep study?

Sleep studies are tests that record what happens to your body during sleep. The studies are done to find out what is causing your sleep problems. Sleep studies can also determine whether you have a problem with your stages of sleep. 

Learn more about the various sleep studies that are administered by our sleep medicine experts. 

  • All Night Sleep Study (ANS): All night sleep studies are one of the most common sleep studies to diagnose neurologic, movement, and breathing disorders.
  • Home Sleep Apnea Testing: Sleep studies to be in the comfort of your own sleeping environment and schedule.
  • Maintenance of Wakefulness Test (MWT): Maintenance of wakefulness tests are used to measure your alertness throughout the day and how you respond to sleep disorder treatment.
  • Multiple Sleep Latency Test (MSLT): Multiple sleep latency tests are used to see how quickly you can fall asleep during the day.
  • Pap Therapy: Pap Therapy studies are used to provide treatment to sleep disorder patients through continuous positive airway pressure therapy.

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