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Stephanie: A Spine Surgery Success

Stephanie has long brown hair that is blowing in the wind. She is wearing diamond earrings. She is standing outside.

The Challenge

For Stephanie, the pain in her neck started at a very young age – when she was only in her 20s. For many years, she simply lived with it. Until it reached a point where she couldn’t do the things that she had always loved to do. With numbness now in her arms, and severe pain in her neck, she was no longer able to read or grade papers for any lengthy period of time.

It was then that Stephanie looked to several different doctors to try to get relief. She tried medication and physical therapy and injections – all the typical treatments – and nothing seemed to work. Her family physician then recommended UPMC neurosurgery, where Stephanie met Bryan Bolinger, DO.

The Solution

After meeting Stephanie and performing a thorough assessment, including an MRI, Dr. Bolinger explained to her the numerous benefits that she may get from surgery. Dr. Bolinger performed a C 5-6 and C6-7 anterior cervical discectomy and fusion in order to remove undo pressure that’s been applied to Stephanie’s spinal cord and nerve roots.

As soon as Stephanie came out of surgery, she felt relief – the numbness in her arms was now gone. She knew that she had made the right decision. Dr. Bolinger personally followed up with Stephanie several times to make sure that her recovery was on the right track.

“If somebody were to come to be and ask me if I recommend my surgeon, absolutely 100 percent.”

Stephanie is now happy to be enjoying life again. She’s able to read her books, sit on the beach, and play with her children, just as she’s always wanted to do.