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Telestroke Services

When someone is having a stroke, time is of the essence. A person must seek treatment quickly to restore blood flow in the brain.

Through telestroke services, UPMC neurologists can assess people for stroke. They can also suggest the best treatment.

Even if you're at a small hospital, you can get fast access to trained stroke experts online.

UPMC's Approach to Telestroke Care

When a doctor suspects a person is having a stroke, they can engage UPMC stroke experts.

We offer this service to hospitals that are part of our stroke network, which includes many UPMC and non-UPMC hospitals throughout Pennsylvania.

Through video, a UPMC neurologist can:

  • Ask the on-site doctor and patient questions.
  • Review the brain scans and lab work.
  • Assess how severe the symptoms and whether they could be due to a stroke.
  • Guide the doctor on treatment or whether to transfer the patient for further evaluation.

The stroke doctor chooses if and when to start IV drugs based on factors such as:

  • The patient's medical history.
  • Time when last seen well.
  • Other medications.
  • The bedside exam.

The stroke neurologist may ask the on-site doctor to transfer complicated stroke patients. For instance, a person may need a procedure to remove the clot with a special catheter. Most smaller hospitals don't offer this treatment.

Telemedicine services for stroke recovery

UPMC also provides follow-up telemedicine appointments for people after a stroke. Online care allows you to save time and effort traveling to a clinic.

The stroke doctor helps you get better and avoid another stroke. They may link you to services and suggest medicine or lifestyle changes.

Benefits of Telestroke Care at UPMC

With guidance from UPMC telestroke services, your doctor can feel confident treating you.

The stroke doctor can guide your doctor in proper and timely treatment. This can prevent or reduce long-term disability from stroke.

If you need to access more advanced stroke treatments, we can address this and set up a transfer. By helping you access advanced stroke treatment elsewhere, telehealth can improve your recovery.

Who Is Eligible for UPMC Telestroke Services?

Doctors decide when telestroke care could help their patients in the hospital. UPMC's telestroke services are available 24/7 to hospitals that are part of our stroke network.

People having strokes need to get treatment within a short time. People who get prompt treatment tend to do better.