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What is a Form 990?

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Form 990 is an annual information return that federally tax-exempt organizations must file with the IRS. It provides information on our mission, programs and finances, and includes details of executive compensation.  Certain business relationships among officers, directors, key employees and their family members also are detailed in this filing.

Background on UPMC's Form 990 filings for FY2022

As part of our commitment to organizational transparency, UPMC again has filed a group, or consolidated, IRS Form 990 for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2022. This approach is designed to improve the public’s understanding of UPMC’s operations and the relationship among our various entities. Per IRS requirements, executive compensation is reported based on Calendar Year 2021 in the Fiscal Year 2022 return. We also have filed a separate return for the parent organization, UPMC.  (Please see UPMC’s most recent audited consolidated financial statements for more details. Click here.)

Our filing shows that Leslie Davis, who was named president and CEO of UPMC on August 1, 2021, received $4.2 million in total compensation in Calendar Year 2021. Her total compensation for Calendar Year 2021 represents compensation earned as executive vice president and chief operating officer, Health Services Division and later as president and CEO. Other executives’ compensation for Calendar Year 2021 is also reported in the Fiscal Year 2022 IRS Form 990. 

About UPMC

UPMC is a world-renowned, nonprofit health care provider and insurer committed to delivering exceptional, people-centered care and community services. Headquartered in Pittsburgh and affiliated with the University of Pittsburgh Schools of the Health Sciences, UPMC is shaping the future of health through clinical and technological innovation, research, and education. Dedicated to advancing the well-being of our diverse communities, we provide more than $1 billion every year in community benefits, more than any other health system in Pennsylvania. Our 95,000 employees — including more than 5,000 physicians — care for patients across 40 hospitals and 800 doctors’ offices and outpatient sites in Pennsylvania, New York, and Maryland, as well as overseas. UPMC Insurance Services covers 4.5 million members with a focus on providing the highest-quality care at the most affordable price. To learn more, visit