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UPMC Stories: Heart and Vascular

Meet our heart and vascular patients.
Charlene sits outside. She wears a white shirt with a yellow undershirt. She has blonde hair and blue eyes. She wears a necklace.

Meet Charlene

Traveled from Florida for heart surgery.
Charlene's story.

Meet Edie Image

Meet Edie

Received a heart valve replacement.
Edie's story.

Meet Kent Image

Meet Kent

Treated with open heart surgery.
Kent's story.

Meet Liz

Meet Liz

Received a heart and double lung transplant.
Liz's story.

Meet Marc

Meet Marc

Treated with open heart surgery.
Marc's Story.

Meet Paul

Meet Paul

Received emergency treatment for a heart attack.
Paul's story.

Choose UPMC Physicians

Dr Sarkaria wears his surgical cap and a white lab coat. He is tan with dark eyebrows and dark brown eyes. He smiles and has thin, oval glasses.

Meet Inderpal S. Sarkaria, MD

Thoracic Surgery expert.
Dr. Sarkaria's Story.