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Healthy Workforce

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Our vision: A highly engaged nursing workforce that is physically, emotionally and spiritually at peak performance at every age of their career lifetime. UPMC is one of the few fully integrated health care delivery systems with a health plan.  

A historic paradigm shift is under way within UPMC Nursing that will lead the nation in improving the health and wellness of nurses. Nurses tending to themselves and each other, embodying authentic self-esteem and pride, and engaged in their work and lives is our vision for the future.

The UPMC Nursing workforce is 11,000 strong and growing. Nursing leadership is committed to supporting, role modeling, and encouraging a healthy work-life balance among all of its nurses. In this spirit, a partnership has been created between UPMC Nursing and UPMC Health Plan to concentrate on nurse health and wellness strategies.

The overall charges of the committee are:

  • Explore the health issues/conditions that affect the quality of life for nurses and the impact of nurses’ health on patient care, nursing satisfaction, and UPMC.
  • Create transparency, dialogue, and a compelling case around health issues that affect nurses.
  • Assess the quality of work life for nurses around the issues of health, stress, worked hours, etc.
  • Quantify the effect of poor health and days lost to occupational injuries on the operating budget.
  • Launch programs that support the quality of work health that are led by nurses for nurses.
  • Recommend operational changes that support the quality of work life and overall health of nurses.