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Encouraging Professional Development for UPMC Nurses

UPMC can help you become the best nurse you can be.

Through a wide array of professional development and academic programs, your chances to grow at UPMC are boundless.

The UPMC Center for Nursing Excellence partners with schools of nursing across the region to promote transitions from RN to BSN. These efforts to increase the number of BSNs further enhance our nursing workforce and patient outcomes.

If you're thinking about an advanced degree, our partner schools work with us to give you a number of options.

My Nursing Career

UPMC's My Nursing Career (MNC) is a structured career ladder program that covers more than 15 different specialty areas.

MNC lets nurses:

  • Gain experience in varied areas of nursing.
  • Learn new skills.
  • Design a nursing career that aligns with their personal and professional goals.

Learn more about My Nursing Career ladder (PDF).

My Nursing Residency

UPMC's My Nursing Residency is an extensive, year-long program to support new nurses during the transition from basic nursing to nursing practice.

We automatically enroll all newly licensed graduate nurses with fewer than six months of experience at UPMC in the residency program.

Learn more about My Nursing Residency (PDF).

Talent Round-Up

UPMC is proud to offer nurses the chance to take part in Talent Round-Up — an in-depth and interactive workshop.

The Talent Round-Up helps UPMC nurses re-energize their careers, learn how to prep for interviews, and more.

The two, half-day sessions are full of custom learning opportunities, such as:

  • One-on-one coaching and mentoring by clinical and HR leaders.
  • Networking and meeting with academic partners.

Visit UPMC Careers to learn more about nursing jobs and apply.