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COVID-19 Vaccine in the Immunocompromised Study (CoVICS)

COVID-19 Vaccine in the Immunocompromised Study (CoVICS)

Thank you for your interest in this study! We launched this project in April 2021 in order to determine how well immunocompromised patients (such as individuals with transplants, cancer, autoimmune conditions, and HIV) respond to the COVID-19 vaccines.

We have enrolled over 1400 patients so, and the study is closed for additional participants at this time. We are deeply grateful to all our patients for making the study possible.

You can read more about our interim analysis of the first 600 patients here:

We hope to be able to share the full results with you in the coming weeks.

For questions, contact or call 833-475-8215.


Closed for Enrollment

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Primary Investigator:

Ghady Haidar, MD