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COVID-19 vaccine banner

COVID-19 Vaccines at UPMC

Update on the Bivalent Booster and COVID-19 Vaccines

UPMC currently offers the Pfizer, Moderna, and Novavax vaccines.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently authorized two Omicron-specific boosters from Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna. The boosters are important to make sure you are protected against both the COVID-19 virus and the Omicron variant. They are called a “bivalent” vaccine; they protect against two, or “bi,” viruses.

These booster shots are bivalent because they target both the original version of the coronavirus and the BA.4 and BA.5 Omicron subvariants. The FDA no longer authorizes the original monovalent formulations as boosters in people aged 6 months and older. The original Moderna and Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines continue to be authorized as the primary vaccine series in people aged 6 months and older.

The bivalent booster dose provides increased protection against the most recent Omicron subvariants. The previous vaccine — or natural immunity from infection — provides only partial protection.

Scheduling for a Bivalent Booster

Individuals who meet criteria can schedule for a COVID-19 bivalent booster by:

  • Scheduling an appointment for a bivalent booster for children, age six months to five years, at a UPMC location, may not be available at this time. Please check back.
  • Calling your primary care office and asking if they offer the COVID-19 bivalent booster.
  • Contacting your local pharmacy and asking if they offer the bivalent booster.
  • You can schedule online for a COVID vaccine or test at select UPMC Urgent Care locations in southwestern Pennsylvania.
    • Please note: UPMC Urgent Care locations in Erie, central Pennsylvania, and Maryland may not offer the bivalent booster. Please contact the office and confirm if bivalent is available when scheduling for a booster. Online scheduling for COVID-19 vaccines and booster is not available for Urgent Care locations in Erie, central Pa., and Maryland.

COVID-19 Vaccines for Children 6 Months and Older

If your child or patient is an existing UPMC Children's Community Pediatrics patient, schedule an appointment through the UPMC Children's Community Pediatrics website or by calling the child's pediatrician's office.

If your child or patient is NOT an existing UPMC Children's Community Pediatrics patient, schedule an appointment online by using the "Schedule a COVID-19 Vaccine" button or calling 844-876-2822 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Scheduling a COVID-19 Vaccine at UPMC

To schedule a vaccine, click the button or schedule an appointment by phone by calling 844-876-2822, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

To schedule a COVID-19 vaccine in Potter County, Pa., call 814-274-5460 (for adults) or 814-274-9198 (for pediatrics).

By clicking "Schedule a COVID-19 Vaccine", you will enter UPMC's Certify Care system, where you will set up an account, answer important health questions, and pick a vaccination location, date, and time. You can search by location and which vaccines are offered. Once you schedule an appointment, you will receive confirmations and reminders from UPMC's Certify Care system. These may include text messages and emails from "UPMC Vaccine Scheduling."

Schedule a COVID-19 Vaccine*

*Not all locations have the bivalent booster.

Information on Boosters and Additional Doses of the COVID-19 Vaccines

A "primary series" is the number of vaccinations needed to give the first basic immunity to a virus.

Learn more about the COVID-19 vaccination and booster guidelines.

Additional vs. Booster Dose: What's the Difference?

  • An additional primary dose may improve the chance of a response by a weakened immune system.
  • Booster doses remind a healthy immune system to remain prepared.

If you develop a COVID-19 infection before or while receiving your vaccination series, you should pause until you are no longer contagious and feel well enough to be vaccinated. For most people, that means 10 to 20 days since symptoms first appeared. You should wait until you feel well enough to receive the vaccine. If you are unsure when to receive the vaccine, talk with your doctor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Scheduling with UPMC

About the COVID-19 Vaccine

There is much information circulating about the COVID-19 vaccines. Find the answer to some of the most frequently asked vaccine questions.

COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Stay Connected Through Our Patient Portals

As COVID-19 vaccine distribution occurs, we are committed to keeping you updated and informed. We also encourage you to sign up for one of UPMC’s patient portals where your doctor can communicate with you about vaccination.

Western MD residents can view the available patient portals here.

COVID-19 Information on HealthBeat

To learn more, visit UPMC HealthBeat.

Does the COVID-19 Vaccine Work Against Variants?

Multiple variants of the coronavirus have emerged, including the more contagious Delta variant (B.1.617.2). Find out how well the COVID-19 vaccines protect against variants.

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COVID-19 Vaccine Myths and Facts

There has been much discussion about the development of the COVID-19 vaccine. Review some of the myths and facts about the COVID-19 vaccine.

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