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TEAS Requirements for UPMC Schools of Nursing

What is the TEAS Test?

The TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) is the pre-entrance exam for UPMC Schools of Nursing. The TEAS is a national standardized exam which measures a student’s overall academic preparedness for nursing schools.

Who needs to take the TEAS?

UPMC employees, Bachelor's degree awardees, and active LPN are exempt from TEAS testing. All other prospective students must apply and successfully pass the TEAS exam for admission consideration.

What Is the academic content on the TEAS?

  • The Reading includes paragraph comprehension, inferences, and conclusions.
  • The Math includes whole numbers, metrics, fractions, decimals, algebra etc.
  • The Science includes scientific reasoning, human body, earth and physical science.
  • The English includes punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, words and spelling.

Current Area    

# of Questions   




64 Minutes



54 Minutes



63 Minutes



28 Minutes



up to 209 Minutes

How long is the test?

It’s a computerized self-paced exam. All students are allowed up to 3 ½ hours to complete.

What is a passing score on the TEAS?

ALL students are required to achieve a 58.7% or higher for admission consideration.

How long are TEAS results valid?

Results are valid within two years of applying.

When will I receive my TEAS results?

Results are available within 24 hours by logging into This may vary if testing outside of UPMC.

Can I take the TEAS more than once?

Yes, up to four times in a calendar year. Testing beyond four times will disqualify your admission.

How can I prepare for this test?

There are practice assessments and a study manual available for purchase at and nursehub. Nurse hub offers access to over 2,280 TEAS practice questions with step-step answer explanations for only $19.99 per month. Cancel anytime.

How do I sign up for the test at UPMC?

Register at Our weekly remote and in-person schedules are provided. We strongly encourage applicants choose an available UPMC SON testing date or location.

What’s UPMC charge for the exam?

A fee of $102 (in-person) and $115 (remote) will be collected at the point of registration online and will be paid directly to ATI.

Will UPMC accept scores from other TEAS test sites?

Yes. The test must have been taken within two years of applying. The student must send us an official passing TEAS transcript through ATI’s website. Select “Share my Results” and select the UPMC SON you’re applying. Pay ATI an additional $27.00 fee to send.

Other important items UPMC TEAS testing:

  1. You will be required to show a picture ID to the test administrator. Acceptable forms of ID are a driver’s license, passport, or state-issued ID.
  2. The test will begin and end at the scheduled time. If you arrive late, you will not be permitted to take the test and will forfeit the payment of the test.