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UPMC Chautauqua Center for Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation

The rehabilitation experts at UPMC Chautauqua care for people with conditions and diseases that affect the:

  • Bones
  • Muscles
  • Ligaments
  • Tendons
  • Connective tissues

Whether you're an athlete, an active person, or just someone who's tired of living with pain, we can help.

Our Services

Our rehabilitation experts can help you manage both your chronic conditions and urgent needs.

We also offer minimally invasive treatments, physical therapy, and occupational therapy.

From treating sprains and broken bones to preparing you for joint replacement surgery, we want to help you return to an active, pain-free life.

Our skilled team of therapists works with:

  • Athletes of all ages.
  • Active people.
  • Weekend warriors.
  • People with chronic joint pain.
  • People with urgent needs (fractures, concussions).

Preparing for joint replacement surgery

If you need joint replacement surgery, we have a dedicated joint replacement care team, including nurses, case managers, and therapists.

They'll help you prep for your upcoming joint surgery by:

  • Holding an in-person or virtual class about what to expect.
  • Offering information about how to get your home ready for after surgery.
  • Teaching your family/caregiver what they need to know about post-op care.

Rehab for hand and wrist surgery

From accidents and sports injuries to chronic pain from conditions like carpal tunnel, hand and wrist problems make daily life challenging.

Our hand and wrist surgeons can help you regain your range of motion and fine motor skills.

We want you to be pain-free when you:

  • Button your shirt.
  • Hold your fork.
  • Work at your keyboard.
  • Catch a ball.

Physical therapy (PT) and occupational therapy (OT)

  • Inpatient services. For people having surgery, our team of physical and occupational therapists has the training to treat you pre-and post-op. We have a PT unit and offer bedside therapy for those in the hospital.
  • Outpatient services. We also have a freestanding PT location for people who are rehabbing from injuries or recovering from surgery.

Why Choose UPMC Chautauqua for Rehabilitation?

We offer the care you need, close to home.

Our center offers:

  • Access to skilled orthopaedic experts. The physical and occupational therapists at UPMC Chautauqua work closely with the orthopaedic surgeons.
  • Resources of a leading hospital system. We offer the resources of UPMC in your community.
  • Complete orthopaedic care. From twisted ankles to chronic joint pain, we provide leading-edge treatments, rehab, and surgery.

Make An Appointment for Rehab

To schedule an appointment with physical therapy or occupational therapy, call 716-664-8278.

UPMC Chautauqua Center for Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation

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To learn more or to schedule an appointment, call 716-664-8278.

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