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​Innovations and Technology at UPMC East

At UPMC East, we know that making you feel welcome and supported is vital to your care and recovery.  And while patients will always be at the heart of all we do, the presence of family and friends is often “just what the doctor ordered.”

That’s why we’ve set our standards high, developing responsive programs that meet the needs of both patients and visitors. We want UPMC East to be your trusted “home away from home”  during times of sickness and recovery.

Private Rooms with a View

Delivering mindful, discreet care that respects your dignity and privacy, that’s the philosophy behind all our medical-surgical and intensive care patient rooms.

Research shows that private rooms offer a wealth of benefits, such as lowering infection rates, improving communication between patients and health care providers, promoting better rest, and enhancing the satisfaction of patients and their families. Patient room highlights include:

  • Large windows bring healing, natural light and impressive views to every patient room, while adjustable shades let you control the brightness.
  • A soft, natural color palette and specially selected art are intended to lift spirits and promote recovery.
  • You’ll enjoy many of the comforts of home, including:
    • Sleep couch and full-length reclining chair for guests
    • Cable access
    • Free Wi-Fi
    • Private bath and shower
    • Locking cabinet
    • Personal thermostat

Point-of-Care Testing

UPMC East will offer the convenience of comprehensive point-of-care bedside testing.  We can deliver the results of many tests more efficiently, allowing the caregiver to receive results more quickly.

Medications Delivered Right

Because patient safety is a top priority, UPMC East uses the latest in robotic and bar code technology to administer medications. These combined efforts help to ensure you get the right drug, at the right time, in the right dosage.

It all starts in our state-of-the-art pharmacy, where your prescription is carefully reviewed and verified by a pharmacist before it is filled. A robotic unit then pulls the correct medication and dispenses it into a bar-coded bag marked with your name and room number.

After a final check by one of our pharmacists, your prescription is delivered to a locked drawer outside your room. Using the EMR system, your nurse will scan the bar codes on both the medication and your patient identification bracelet to confirm the “match.” Then the nurse’s own bar code identification badge is scanned in order to update your EMR and instantly note the time your medication is administered.

At discharge, our on-site outpatient pharmacy allows you to have your prescriptions filled before going home. Talk with your nurse or our pharmacy staff to have your discharge prescriptions sent to our pharmacy. We can have your medications delivered to you so you can go straight home.