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Price Estimates for UPMC Lititz

Trying to estimate your out-of-pocket costs prior to receiving care can be challenging. For nearly all patients, standard charges have little impact on out-of-pocket costs. Typically, patient costs are driven by their specific insurance plan design – with remaining deductible and coinsurance limits being the biggest factors in determining costs. As such, the most effective way to determine potential costs for services is to use price estimation software that can personalize your estimate by evaluating your insurance plan benefits.

Patients seeking an estimate of the out-of-pocket amount that you will be expected to pay for receiving health care services should contact UPMC Financial Services in Central Pa. at 717-231-8989 or 877-499-3899 or online. Alternatively, UPMC has a self-service, online Price Estimator Tool that can be used to generate the approximate out-of-pocket cost for 300+ common services.