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Intragastric Balloon

An Intragastric Balloon is a non-surgical procedure designed to assist adult patients in losing and maintaining weight.

About the Intragastric Balloon Procedure

Your bariatric surgeon will place a soft, yet durable, deflated balloon down your throat and into your stomach. The balloon is then filled with saline until it is about the size of a small melon. The procedure takes 20-30 minutes and you can typically go home the same day.

Removal of the intragastric balloon

After six months, the balloon is deflated and removed without surgery or any incisions. You will still receive counseling for an additional six months after balloon removal to aid in your weight loss journey.

The program includes balloon insertion and removal as well as a 12-month extensive lifestyle program.

What to Expect After Your Intragastric Balloon Procedure

Weight loss should occur, with the most of it typically occurring in the first three months. On average patients lost about three times more weight than those using diet and exercise alone. Adjustments to your eating habits and continuing to live an active lifestyle will contribute to your success.

Intragastric Balloon Quick Facts

  • Description: For patients looking for nonsurgical weight loss options. The balloon is inserted into the stomach and filled with saline without surgery or incisions. After six months, it is removed also noninvasively.
  • How you lose weight: By taking up space in your stomach, the balloon reinforces proper portion control and helps you eat smaller portions. Healthy eating and regular exercise post-balloon removal will aid you in continued weight loss.
  • Weight loss: On average, patients lose more than 3 times the weight loss of diet and exercise alone.
  • Procedure time: 20-30 minutes (Done Under General Anesthesia)
  • Hospital stay: None