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​Our Genetics Experts

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Prenatal geneticists

Fetal diagnosis & treatment center

Pediatric geneticists

Cancer geneticists


  • Susanne Gollin, PhD
  • Jie Hu, PhD
  • Zach Ou, MD
  • Svetlana Yatsenko, MD

Molecular pathologists

  • Jeffrey Kant, MD, PhD
  • Marie DeFrances, MD, PhD
  • Zoltan Oltvai, MD
  • Tim Oury, MD, PhD
  • Xiao-Ming Yin, MD, PhD

Genetic Counselors

Prenatal genetics

  • Michele Clemens, MS, CGC
  • Luanne Fraer, MS, CGC
  • Meredith Jones, MS, CGC
  • Abigail Peffer, MS, CGC

Pediatric genetics

  • Katie Hoffman, MS
  • Jacquelyn Hoover, MS, CGC
  • Emily James, MS
  • Elizabeth McCracken, MS, CGC
  • Marianne McGuire, MS, CGC
  • Julianne Stevens-McConnel, MS
  • Catherine Walsh Vockley, MS, CGC

Cancer genetics program

  • Christina Chimera Bittner, MS, LCGC
  • Shenin Dettwyler, MS, LCGC
  • Christa Goyda, MD, LCGC
  • Rachelle Huziak, MD, LCGC
  • Darcy Thull, MS, LCGC
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