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About the Emergency Medicine Pharmacy Residency at UPMC Mercy

Employment Information

Start Date: July 1

Term of Appointment: 52 weeks, concluding June 30

Number of positions: 1

Stipend and Benefit Information

How to Apply

Eligible candidates must have:

  • Doctor of Pharmacy degree from an accredited school of pharmacy
  • Current enrollment in or completion of a PGY1 residency in pharmacy
  • Licensure or eligibility for licensure within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
  • Registered for the ASHP Residency Matching Program (NMS Code: 666969)
  • Submit the standard application requirements via PhORCAS by January 2. An on-site or virtual interview is required.

Program Overview

Required Learning experiences at UPMC Mercy

  • Orientation
    • Completed UPMC Mercy PGY1 (1 day)
    • Completed PGY1 at UPMC (3 weeks)
    • Completed PGY1 outside of UPMC (5 weeks)
  • Emergency Medicine I – Introduction to Emergency Medicine (5 weeks)
  • Emergency Medicine II (5 weeks)
  • Emergency Medicine III – Teaching and Precepting (5 weeks)
  • Emergency Medicine IV - Transitions of Care (4 weeks)
  • Critical Care (5 weeks)
  • Infectious Disease (2 weeks)
  • Trauma Burn ICU (5 weeks)

Required off-site rotations (5 weeks)

  • Emergency Medicine - UPMC Shadyside
  • Toxicology - UPMC Presbyterian
  • Pediatric Intensive Care – Children's Hospital of UPMC

Required Longitudinal Rotations (All 45 weeks)

  • Staffing
  • Projects
  • Professional development
  • Direct Patient Care
    • Pharmacokinetic consult service
    • Detox education sessions (once every 4 weeks)
    • Critically Ill Recovery Clinic (half day on Thursday every 3 weeks)

Requirements for Program Completion:

All residents at UPMC Mercy must:

  1. Obtain Pennsylvania pharmacist licensure within 120 days of the residency start and practice two-thirds of the year as a licensed pharmacist.
  2. Complete all orientation materials including university modules and operational training requirements.
  3. Attain a rating of “Achieved for Residency” for 80% of the goals and objectives established by the residency program as outlined in the ASHP 2022 Standards for Postgraduate Residency Programs.
  4. Complete the requirements of the individualized plans as developed by the RPD.
  5. Complete all required learning experiences of their residency schedule.
  6. Complete all required weekend inpatient pharmacy staffing and clinical coverage assignments. (Twenty-four 10 hr shifts)
  7. Complete all required weekday staffing assignments (32 shifts from 4:30 – 8 PM in central pharmacy)
  8. Complete a major project and present the results at the University of Pittsburgh Pharmacy Resident Research Day.
  9. Prepare a manuscript based on their major project that is suitable for publication and identify a target journal with intent to submit their manuscript for review.
  10. Meet the residency presentation requirements: 2 formal presentations, 2 journal club presentations, and 1 noon conference or alternative interdisciplinary presentation.
  11. Complete a drug class review/drug monograph/treatment guideline/treatment protocol and a medication use evaluation.
  12. Provide PGY1 residency certificate within 30 days of the start of residency.
  13. Maintain certification in BLS and ACLS.
  14. Attain a rating of “Achieved for Residency” for all the objectives listed as critical.
  15. Present a poster at ASHP midyear or other approved venue.
  16. Complete emergency medicine required topics listed in the Appendix.

Manual/Policy and Procedures

Residency program manual and accompanying policies will be distributed upon invitation to interview.

Contact Us

Pamela McCormick, PharmD, BCPS, BCEMP
Residency Program Director
Clinical Pharmacist: Emergency Medicine