Also part of the UPMC family:
Also part of the UPMC family:

Alumni of the UPMC Podiatric Residency Program

Several transfers and mergers over the years have resulted in the current UPMC Podiatric Residency Program. Following the closure of St. Francis Central Hospital in August, 2000, the St. Francis Central Podiatric Residency Program transferred to UPMC South Side.

In January 2008, Mercy Hospital of Pittsburgh merged with UPMC and became UPMC Mercy. In July 2009, the UPMC Mercy and UPMC South Side Podiatric Residency Programs merged following the merger of UPMC Mercy and UPMC South Side.

Alumni from the respective podiatric residency programs are listed below.


Cody D. Blazek, DPM
Augusta K. Dunse, DPM
Travis M. Langan, DPM
Daniel J. London, DPM
Bethany J. Staehnke, DPM
Jason M. St. John, DPM


Roberto A. Brandao, DPM
Maire K. Howell, DPM
Natalie M. Mota, DPM
Jessica L. Nowak, DPM
Laura Shin, DPM
Alissa R. Toth, DPM


Adam Y. Beckler, DPM
Spencer J. Monaco, DPM
David D. Rettedal, DPM
Brian Schneekloth, DPM
Jessica A. Wilson, DPM
Thomas C. Wilson, DPM


Joshua D. Bowman, DPM
Ashley M. Dikis, DPM
Jeffrey W. Dikis, DPM
Brady R. Mallory, DPM
Emmy A. Oji, DPM
Tresa L. Sambenedetto, DPM


Peter D. Highlander, DPM
Jacob K. Jones, DPM
Brandon J. Mecham, DPM
Zackery D. Nance, DPM
Kyle T. Pearson, DPM
David Sadoskas, DPM


Kosta P. Antonopoulos, DPM
Kimberlee B. Hobizal, DPM
Sarah L. Mele, DPM
Andrew B. Shinabarger, DPM
Kristin L. Strannigan, DPM
Valerie K. Tallerico, DPM


Travis R. Jones, DPM
Shelly A.M. Larson, DPM
Jeffrey M. Manway, DPM
Katherine M. Raspovic, DPM
Jason B. Woods, DPM


Brandon E. Crim, DPM
Robert M. Greenhagen, DPM
Tyler A. Grout, DPM
Michael T. Ryan, DPM
Sherunda S. Smith, DPM
Kate J. Steklachich, DPM
Joseph L. Yeargain, DPM


Matthew J. Dzurik, DPM
Alison M. Joseph, DPM
Ryan L. McMillen, DPM
Wenjay Sung, DPM


Amy A. Davidson, DPM
Nicholas J. Lowery, DPM
Jason B. Morris, DPM
Courtney D. Johnson-McKissick, DPM
Andrew Kluesner, DPM
Arlo H. Yaege, DPM


Kirstyn D. Caldwell, DPM
Damon B. Combs, DPM
C. Robert Dushack, DPM
Dennis M. Hutt, DPM


Ronald Belczyk, DPM
David J. Cornish, DPM
Bora Rhim, DPM
Dana H. Waters, DPM


Juan C. Barra, DPM
Dekarlos M. Dial, DPM
Kathleen M. O'Connell, DPM
Andy J. Roussel, DPM


Whitney R. Holsopple, DPM
Michael A. Jones, DPM
Christopher J. Miller, DPM
Jeffrey D. Poole, DPM


Amanda J. Mudrey, DPM
Todd A. Cindric, DPM
Jason R. Knox, DPM
Seth Stinehour, DPM


Patrick R. Burns, DPM
L. Jolene Moyer, DPM
Charles I. Pittle, DPM


Michael C. Beaudis, DPM
Brian P. Spencer, DPM
Jason M. Weber, DPM
Thomas Zgonis, DPM


Tara K. Lee, DPM
Rick L. Scanlan, DPM


Mark M. Menendez, DPM
Bryan C. Satterwhite, DPM
William J. Wiedemer, DPM


Babak Baravarian, DPM


Darren J. Weinheimer, DPM


Samuel Wood, DPM


Suzanne M. Schimenti, DPM


Gregory S. Markantone, DPM


Mark W. Stephens, DPM


Sami S. Vakil, DPM


L. Todd Albrecht, DPM


John W. Bremyer, DPM
Michael A. Conti, DPM (RPR)


Karen D. Harrison, DPM (RPR)
James C. Burruano, DPM


Richard M. Maleski, DPM


David J. Faro, DPM


Karen K. Luther, DPM

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