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Volunteer at UPMC Williamsport

Volunteers at UPMC Williamsport and UPMC Williamsport Divine Providence Campus live out our mission by making a difference in people's lives each day.

From students to adults, volunteers are those special people who willingly give their time, talent, and energy for the good of others.

Offering a smile or a reassuring touch can truly help our patients and staff.

Contact Volunteer Services at UPMC Williamsport

To learn more about ways you can help, call:

  • UPMC Wiliamsport – 570-321-2433
  • UPMC Williamsport Divine Providence Campus – 570-546-4128

Please note that due to COVID-19, our volunteer options and rules are changing and evolving.

Where Do You Want to Help?

Here are some ways you can volunteer to help patients, families, and staff.

UPMC Williamsport:

  • Entrance screening.
  • Gift shop.
  • Putting patient info packets together.

UPMC Williamsport Divine Providence Campus:

  • Breast Health Center.
  • Entrance Screening.
  • Hillman Cancer Center.

Please note not all volunteer roles listed need help at all times.

Steps to Take Before You Can Volunteer at UPMC Williamsport

Adults (18+ years old) must:

  • Set up an interview with the UPMC Williamsport Volunteer Assistant.
  • Complete the application process, which includes orientation and a physical exam with a TB test.

Students (14 to 17 years old) must:

  • Get working papers.
  • Schedule an interview with the Volunteer Assistant.
  • Complete the application process, which includes going to orientation and having a physical with a TB test.

Apply to Volunteer at UPMC Williamsport

To apply, fill out our volunteer form.

During the interview, you'll discuss your volunteer options and role in detail. But call us if you have any questions or concerns.

Learn more about UPMC Volunteer Services or view Frequently Asked Volunteer Questions.

The City Hospitals Auxiliary

Mission: The purpose of the Auxiliary is to advance the welfare of, and render service to, UPMC Williamsport city hospitals, namely UPMC Williamsport Divine Providence Campus and UPMC Williamsport patients, families, service partners, and community members, as well as its nonprofit affiliate corporations through programs and activities approved by the Auxiliary Board of Directors and hospital corporate leaders.

Major fundraisers and projects: Gift shop at Williamsport Hospital and at Divine Providence Hospital. Per sale Jennifer Engle designed jewelry sale and Silver Sale Uniform sale.

Monthly meetings: City auxiliary board meets quarterly. Date and location to be determined. Full members meet once a year.

Membership contact: Marie Zurinsky, (570) 433-0506

UPMC Williamsport Divine Providence Campus