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Also part of the UPMC family:

Volunteering at UPMC Frequently Asked Questions

Volunteers at UPMC help support our mission of providing:

  • World-class patient care.
  • Outstanding education of our future health care workers.
  • Advanced treatments through research.

Select a question below to find answers about volunteering at UPMC or contact UPMC Volunteer Services.

The volunteer coordinator will work with you to match your skills with the hospital’s needs. As a volunteer, you may have the chance to help in some of the busiest departments.

Learn about volunteering at UPMC locations:

If you have more questions or want to learn more, feel free to contact UPMC Volunteer Services.

Volunteers make a vital contribution to our health care team. Many of our hospitals and clinics rely on volunteers for help.

Here are just a few areas that might fit your volunteering needs and let you share your talents:

You're never too old to volunteer at UPMC, nor do we expect you to put in long hours.

We do require that all volunteers be at least 15 years of age at most of our hospitals. We also have special programs for teens and students who want to volunteer.

Contact the location where you'd like to volunteer for details on age requirements.

Past UPMC volunteers, or current volunteers who want to change locations, do not need to reapply. Find details below under "current and past UPMC volunteers."

New volunteers

If you want to donate your time and talent as a new volunteer at UPMC, complete the new volunteer application form.

  • When you apply online, be sure to select a location where you wish to volunteer.
  • Please provide two personal or professional references that aren't family members or students. Download the reference form for UPMC's volunteer program (PDF).
  • Once the volunteer office reviews and accepts your application, we'll invite you to an orientation.

At new volunteer orientation, we'll:

  • Discuss references and hospital policies.
  • Provide details on our volunteer requirements (you don't need to fulfill these before orientation):
    • Criminal background checks for adults (the type dependent on assignment)
    • TB testing
    • Flu shots (during flu season)
  • Give you an orientation test to make sure you understand UPMC's policies on:
    • Privacy
    • Infection control
    • Human resources
    • Safety
    • Service excellence

Current and past UPMC volunteers

If you volunteered at UPMC within the last two years or volunteer now, you don't need to reapply.

If you want to volunteer at a different hospital, contact Volunteer Services at the new location and ask if they need volunteers.

If your new location is accepting volunteers, we can:

  • Add your new location to your existing UPMC volunteer profile. This keeps all your recorded volunteer service hours from all locations in one file.
  • Waive some of the hospital's volunteer requirements.

The reasons for volunteering are as diverse as volunteers themselves.

Some people want to help others, some want career experience, and others get the most from friendships.

Whatever your special reason, there are other benefits to volunteering. As a UPMC volunteer, you get free parking and can take part in our many training programs and classes.