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Full in-network access to UPMC doctors and hospitals.

Understanding the New Agreement Between UPMC and Highmark

On June 24, 2019, UPMC announced an agreement that provides most Highmark members with full, in-network access to UPMC hospitals, doctors, and services.

We look forward to continuing our commitment to serving the health care needs of the communities we serve in western Pennsylvania and beyond.

Which Highmark members are covered by the agreement? 

The agreement provides full, in-network access to UPMC for Highmark members with broad-network commercial or Medicare Advantage plans (which is the majority of Highmark members). Highmark members with narrow-network plans have some limited in-network access to UPMC. If you have additional questions, we encourage you to review your plan carefully with Highmark. Any limitations on a Highmark member’s in-network access to UPMC result from Highmark’s plan design and not from any restrictions imposed by UPMC.

What services are included in this agreement? Are UPMC doctors and hospitals included? 

The new agreement is for all UPMC hospitals, doctors, and services. The new agreement also includes extensions of the agreements for UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh and UPMC Western Psychiatric Hospital.

If I have a Highmark product that has full, in-network access to UPMC, can I make an appointment today?

Yes. The new agreement went into effect on July 1, 2019, and our schedulers will work with you to make appointments at your convenience. Call us at 1-800-533-8762. Our team is also happy to help you schedule if you have a narrow-network product and wish to see UPMC providers on an out-of-network basis. 

If I have a Highmark product that has full, in-network access to UPMC, will my copay or deductible be higher when I use UPMC doctors and hospitals? 

No. As part of the agreement, and to ensure that patients are not caught in the middle, Highmark cannot require their members to pay higher copays or meet higher deductibles if they go to UPMC providers, compared to Allegheny Health Network providers. 

What if I have insurance through Aetna, Cigna, United Healthcare, or UPMC Health Plan?

Your access remains the same and is not affected by the new Highmark agreement. UPMC will continue to accept most major insurers for all services, including Aetna, Cigna, United Healthcare, and UPMC Health Plan.