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Information and Frequently Asked Questions for Patients With Out-of-Network Products

UPMC is committed to providing patients with the information they need to make informed decisions about their care. While many health insurers provide their members with full, in-network access to UPMC, there are certain types of health insurance plans and other products, including those that use unilateral repricing, that do not. Unilateral repricing plans are out-of-network with UPMC hospitals and facilities.

When UPMC refers to a unilateral repricing plan — sometimes called a “reference-based pricing” plan — it means a plan that, as a general rule, chooses not to contract with hospitals or health care facilities. Rather, these plans decide unilaterally how much to pay out-of-network hospitals or facilities for a patient’s care. When these plans pay the hospital, facility, or doctor less than the amount owing for that care, they put the patient in the middle of a billing dispute. These plans force health care providers to recover any unpaid amounts (beyond copays, coinsurance, or deductibles) directly from the patient.

UPMC requires payment in advance from patients who wish to schedule out-of-network care.

Companies UPMC has Identified as Excluding UPMC Hospitals and Facilities From Some or All Products They Sell or Promote, by name:

Please Note: If a plan is not listed, that does not mean that it is in-network. The best way for a member to check provider network status is to ask their plan.

  • 6 Degrees Health
  • Advanced Medical Pricing Solutions (AMPS)
  • Aither Health
  • Alliance Coal
  • Allied Benefit Systems
  • Ameriben
  • American Plan Administration
  • Apostrophe
  • Aptive
  • Auxiant
  • Azeros Health Plan
  • BAS Benefits
  • Benefit Administrative Systems
  • Caprock Health Plans
  • Centivo
  • CMR Administrators
  • Coastal Administrative Services
  • Continental Benefits
  • Cornerstone Preferred Resources
  • Custom Design Benefits
  • EBMS Employers
  • EBSO
  • ELAP
  • Enterprise Group Planning
  • Entrust
  • Evolution HealthCare

  • Fox Everett
  • Flume Health
  • Health Scope
  • Healthnow
  • HealthPlans, Inc.
  • HMN – HMA
  • Homestead Smart Health Plans
  • HST
  • Imagine 360
  • INDECS Corporation
  • INDECS Wirerope
  • Independent Health
  • Insurance Benefit ADMIN
  • Insurance Benefit Administration
  • Insurance Systems
  • JP Farley

  • Lifeshield
  • Loomis Company
  • Lucent Health
  • Maestro Health
  • MCA Administrators
  • Medical Benefit Companies
  • Oscar Health Insurance
  • Paragon
  • Performance Health
  • Professional Benefit Administrators
  • Star Marketing
  • The Health Plan
  • Trustmark
  • Tufts Health Plan
  • Unified Group Services
  • Vitori Health
  • Wellnet Healthcare Admin

Frequently Asked Questions

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Updated 10/14/2020