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How to Use MyUPMC

MyUPMC connects you to your electronic medical record at UPMC. With MyUPMC, you can communicate directly with a provider, view upcoming and past appointments, check test results, and pay a bill with just a few simple clicks. Sign up for a MyUPMC account or download the free MyUPMC app from your app store to access your care from anywhere.

On this page, learn more about:

Scheduling Appointments

  1. From the Quick Actions menu, click Schedule Appointment.
  2. Select the UPMC provider you want to see.
  3. Select the reason for your visit.
  4. Select a location and click Continue.
  5. Choose a date/time and click Continue.
  6. Review appointment details and click Confirm Appointment.
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Finding Care

  1. From the Quick Actions menu, click Find Care
  2. If you need to find a new provider, click Search Now under Find a New Provider.
  3. Search UPMC’s online directory by specialty, condition, or provider’s name.
  4. Click Book Appointment to view options to schedule online or via phone.

*If you'd like to explore other care options at UPMC such as virtual, imaging, or specialty services, click Explore Now under Explore Other Care Options.

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Having a Video Visit

  1. From your home screen, select the appointment that appears under Upcoming Appointment.
  2. Click the Start Video Visit button.
    • This button will not appear until 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment time.
  3. Check your audio and video settings prior to joining.
  4. Enter your preferred name.
  5. Click Join.
    • Like a regular visit, the provider may not join right at the scheduled time of the appointment. They will join as soon as they can.

View our MyUPMC Video Visits Brochure (PDF) for further details.

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Viewing Test Results

  1. From the Quick Actions menu, click View Test Results.
    • Test results will automatically appear.
  2. Click on a test result to view more details.
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Viewing COVID-19 Records

  1. From your home screen, click Health Summary.
  2. Scroll down and click COVID Records.
  3. You can view administered COVID-19 vaccines and test results.

*Records of COVID-19 vaccines and test results will only be available if you received a dose or had a test from a UPMC facility. 

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Renewing Medications

  1. From the Quick Actions menu, click Renew Medications.
  2. Navigate to the medication you would like to renew and click the Renew button, if eligible
  3. Select or add the pharmacy where you want your medication renewal sent.
  4. Submit the request once you have added your pharmacy information.
    • If your medication renewal is approved, you will receive an approval message that appears in your thread under Messages.* 
    • If your medication renewal is rejected, you will be able to view your request for renewal and your providers response under Messages. 
    • Not all prescriptions are able to be renewed through the portal. If there is not an option to select the medication when attempting medication renewal, you will need to reach out to your provider.
    • Renewing medications occurs when a prescription has no refills left or has expired, and the patient needs to continue taking the medication.

*Patients have the ability to choose which communications they want to receive from their providers by updating their communication preferences. If a patient has notifications turned off for MyUPMC messages, they will still be sent a confirmation message, but not notified.

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Paying Your Bill

  1. From the Quick Actions menu, click Pay Your Bill.
  2. To pay balances or view statements from:
    1. UPMC Children’s Community Pediatrics, click Pay online here.*
    2. UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, click Pay online here.*
    3. For all other UPMC statements, select Pay UPMC Bills.
  3. Click Make a Payment and enter a payment amount, then click Continue.
  4. Choose your payment method.
  5. Check the box to authorize payment and enter a valid email address for your payment confirmation.
  6. Click Make Payment.

*These selections open up a different screen that prompts you to enter the myEasyMatch® code and addressee ZIP code exactly as they appear on the statement.

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Signing up for Proxy Access

  1. From your home screen, select Account Settings by clicking on your profile icon located  at the top right corner of the page. 
  2. Under Family Access, select Add Patient.
  3. To gain proxy access for a child or minor, enter your child's information in the form that appears and click Submit.
  4. To gain proxy access for adults aged 18 and older, enter the individual’s information in the form that appears and click Submit.
  5. A confirmation message will be sent when your proxy linking is complete.
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Sending a Message

  1. From the Quick Actions menu, click Messages.
  2. Select Send a Message to begin.
  3. Choose which type of message you’d like to send.
    • Select Medical Question if you have questions regarding your care, prescriptions, test results, or other medical needs. Note: You cannot message a provider until you have had an appointment with them.
    • Select Billing Question if you have questions regarding billing, insurance, or other payment concerns.
  4. Select which question category most accurately represents your concern.
  5. Enter a subject for the message.
  6. Type your message and add any necessary attachments.
  7. Once your message is ready, click Send.

*Please note, due to the high volume of messages being received, the provider may take 3-5 business days to respond to your message.

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Completing Questionnaires for your Care Team

  1. From your home screen, click Health Summary.
  2. Scroll down and select Questionnaires to share your latest health information with your care team.
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Canceling an Upcoming Appointment

  1. From your home screen, click Appointments at the top of the page and select the appointment you’d like to cancel.
  2. Click  Cancel Appointment.
  3. Click Confirm Cancellation
  4. A cancellation confirmation will appear. 

To reschedule your appointment, contact your provider’s office or schedule online using to find a date and time that works for your schedule.

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After Visit Summary*

  1. From the Home Screen, click Appointments at the top of the page.
  2. Your previous appointments will show under Past Appointments.
  3. Find the visit you wish to view and select View Visit Summary.

*The After Visit Summary provides an overview of your visit with your provider but if you have any additional questions, please reach out to the office.

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