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UPMC Outpatient Telemedicine Services at UPMC Wellsboro

Telemedicine can mean much more than a simple video call with your doctor.

UPMC Outpatient Telemedicine at UPMC Wellsboro provides all the vital assessments, exams, and tests you need — just like a walk-in clinic.

Through the help of our on-site nurse and advanced technology, your telemedicine doctor can diagnose and treat your condition with confidence. And you can get your diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up care at a convenient, close-to-home location.

Telemedicine has many pros, such as:

  • Less time spent traveling to appointments.
  • Savings on gas and other travel costs.
  • No need to take a full day off work for a visit.
  • Care in a convenient and familiar setting.
  • The same care quality you expect from an in-person appointment, thanks to UPMC's technology, on-site nurse, and careful telemedicine program design.

Learn more about how telemedicine works and what to expect during your appointment.

Contact UPMC Wellsboro Telemedicine Services

UPMC Wellsboro
32-36 Central Ave.
Wellsboro, PA 16901

  • Dermatology: 570-326-8060
  • Endocrinology: 570-320-7848
  • Pulmonology: 570-321-3580

Enter through the main entrance door and follow the signs to our telemedicine clinic.

Outpatient Telemedicine Services at UPMC Services at UPMC Wellsboro

Lung disease and breathing problems

If you have asthma, lung disease, or COPD, our telehealth clinic can help.

Our lung expert can remotely:

  • Talk to you about your symptoms.
  • Adjust your medication.
  • Order any needed tests.
  • And more.

Skin care

Our dermatologists can help you with a range of conditions, thanks to state-of-the art cameras and other tools at our clinic.

Through telemedicine, they can diagnose and treat:

  • Acne.
  • Hair loss.
  • Hives and rashes.
  • Moles and skin growths.
  • Rosacea.

Endocrine and hormone problems

Our experts use blood tests and other monitoring equipment to diagnose and treat your condition.

Telemedicine works well for most thyroid disorders and diabetes.

Please note. If you have diabetes, you must upload data from your insulin pump or glucose monitor prior to the appointment. If you need help with this step, call the clinic at 570-723-6360.

Learn more about services we offer at UPMC Wellsboro.