Also part of the UPMC family:
Also part of the UPMC family:

Frequently Asked Questions About the ADHD Across the Lifespan Program

Scheduling Questions

Our initial assessment is about 60 minutes. Most likely, you will NOT meet with a psychiatrist that day (initial assessment day). Psychiatrist appointments are generally scheduled following the completion of the initial assessment, based on the identified needs.

At the initial evaluation, it is helpful to have all involved adults present to provide input. It is usually not necessary at other appointments. Discuss this with your therapist.

Yes, but these are very popular appointment times. We cannot guarantee consistent evening times. If this is a problem, discuss with your therapist.

We do not provide parking, transportation or child care at our facility.

Initial appointments and first medication appointments are about 60 minutes. Therapy sessions are around 45 minutes and medication appointments are 30 minutes. This can vary depending on your needs.

We will do our best to accommodate this request.

We have several physicians and masters-level clinicians in the program.

Program Questions 

No, we require that you meet with a therapist every time you meet with the psychiatrist. Usually, individuals meet with the therapist more frequently.

No, medication is not a requirement of this program. However, therapy is a requirement.

Yes, we are able to treat multiple siblings if they are appropriate for the program.

We focus on skill-building for organization and attention problems. However, we can touch on family issues related to someone’s ADHD. If the issues become a more pressing, we can help the family to find a family therapy program. .

If you miss an appointment, you may call to reschedule. However, if you miss two or more appointments, we may refer you to treatment at a different program.

Call 412-246-6090 and leave a message on the medication refill line. For routine refills, call at least a week in advance.

Treatment Questions

Our team will help you to decide the next steps and find other programs, if needed. Many individuals see their pediatrician, family doctor, or primary care physician (PCP) for medication maintenance.

We are happy to work with individuals who also have wraparound services. However, insurance will not pay for multiple therapists.

We are willing to help individuals get the classroom support they need. Discuss letters of accommodation with the psychiatrist.

Yes, we need you to have our program scales completed, even if you have other paperwork. Your documents will be helpful to us but our comprehensive rating scales cover information that general scales can miss.

Yes, it is fine for you to limit information shared with the school. However, we will need another source of information, such as a baby sitter, coach or adult mentor, to learn the scope of your child’s issues in different settings.

We help younger children improve structure and support within the family setting. Please refer to the treatment section for details.

Typically, we would ask you to stop working with others while you are in treatment with us. We take over managing medications and therapy. However, if you feel strongly about your current relationships, we will do everything possible to work with you on a solution

Our program designed for short-term, targeted treatment of ADHD only. We encourage you to complete other mental health treatment before considering our program. If you have other diagnoses that are under control, we are happy to discuss the benefits of ADHD treatment with you.

Main number: 412-246-6090

We review each case individually and try to match people with the best teams and treatments. If we feel your child would be better served in a program that treats multiple clinical issues, we will help you to find options.