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Programs at UPMC Western Behavioral Health

The path to good mental health is never a solo journey. Your mental health is important to your family, friends, and all who care about you. And at UPMC Western Behavioral Health, you become part of a supporting and caring community focused on your best outcomes.

Our programs:

  • Cover the full range of mental and behavioral health care, from childhood to late adulthood.
  • Provide expertise for individual behavioral health concerns. We focus on specific diagnoses or issues — including mood disorders (such as anxiety and depression), eating disorders, addiction, and autism and developmental concerns.
  • Offer inpatient, outpatient, and community-based care that is customized to each person's evolving needs.
  • Support you and your family, regardless of age or ability to pay.

Addiction Services and Programs

Addiction and substance use disorders can take over your life. We can help you regain control. We have a methadone program, three detox centers, and other substance use programs for adults ages 18 and older. Our specialized mental health providers also offer programs for adolescents with addiction and substance use disorders.

Learn more about our addiction services and programs.

Adult Mental Health Programs

There’s no single cause of mental health problems. Some start at a young age but aren't diagnosed until adulthood. Most mental health issues are caused by a combination of factors. Our programs can help treat and manage your mental health care issues, such as stress, anxiety, and depression.

Learn more about our adult mental health programs.

Autism and Developmental Disorders

Autism and other developmental disorders often require life-long mental and behavioral health support. Western Behavioral Health provides a full range of care for individuals from childhood to adulthood.

Learn more about our programs for autism and development disorders.

Behavioral Health Programs for Children and Adolescents

The National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI) reports that 50% of lifelong mental health issues start by age 14. Our programs provide age-appropriate mental health care for kids and teens ages 18 and under.

Learn more about our programs for children and adolescents.

Eating Disorders Care and Treatment

The UPMC Center for Eating Disorders is one of the nation's treatment programs linked to an academic medical center. UPMC Western Psychiatric Hospital offers adolescent and adult inpatient and outpatient care. We also work closely with UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh to treat children with eating problems. Our state-of-the-art treatments are based on best practices in clinical care and the latest research.

Learn more about our programs for eating disorders.

Mental Health Emergency and Crisis Services

When you're in crisis, you may not know what will help — but you need help now. If you or someone you love needs urgent mental health support, our caring and qualified experts are ready 24/7 to help.

Learn more about mental health emergency and crisis services.

Late-Life Geriatric Mental Health Care

Older adults can experience mental health challenges for many reasons — from isolation and loss of family and friends to illness, chronic pain, and loss of mobility. Older adults also are at increased risk of dementia and depression. Western Behavioral Health brings decades of experience, research, and care to treat both the mental and physical health needs of older adults.

Learn more about our geriatric mental health programs.

Serious Mental Illness Care

According to NAMI, 6% of adults in the United States have a severe mental illness. These include bipolar disorder, psychosis, or schizophrenia. We offer you understanding and judgement-free support as you deal with your illness.

Learn more about our programs for serious mental illness.

Why Choose UPMC Western Behavioral Health?

Our mental health experts are here to help you. You can get care close to home or work through:

  • Nearly 60 community-based programs that provide expert mental health and addiction care.
  • Research-based, advanced treatments for mental health problems of all kinds.
  • 10 main locations throughout western Pennsylvania, along with locations in north and central Pennsylvania and in nearby counties in Maryland and New York.

Need Care for Yourself or Someone You Love? Contact Us

For a mental health emergency, call 988.

For an appointment near you, call Western Behavioral Health’s main phone number at 1-877-624-4100 or 412-624-1000.

UPMC Western Psychiatric Hospital
3811 O’Hara St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Call 412-624-1000 or toll free 1-877-624-4100.

Are you a resident of Allegheny County and in crisis?

Call our resolve Crisis Services at 1-888-796-8226. It’s free and open 24/7.

Or go to the resolve Crisis Services walk-in clinic:

333 North Braddock Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15208

If you or someone you know has thoughts of suicide or self-harm:

Text the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 988 or call 800-273-8255.

Find a Location Near You