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Executive Physicals at UPMC

Some of the services the UPMC Executive Health Program can provide to your executives include:

  • Routine health screenings
  • Laboratory studies
  • Lifestyle consultations on exercise, nutrition, and stress

Doctors provide comprehensive executive physicals and other medical services at the UPMC Executive Health Program, on the fifth floor of the Heinz 57 Center.

Clients have regular access to this primary care facility, geared to meet the health needs of those who live or work in downtown Pittsburgh.

Contact Us

For information or to schedule an appointment at UPMC Executive Health Program, call 412-560-8765.

To contact a primary care doctor, call 412-560-8762.

Heinz 57 Center, Fifth Floor
339 Sixth Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

A Step-by-Step Approach to Executive Physicals

Step 1: Comprehensive Health Exam

It all starts with an initial exam by one of our board-certified internal medicine physicians who will recommend tests or procedures based on age and gender.

Step 2: Personal Consultation

A key feature of our program is a meeting between executives and physicians after the physical.

The doctor will:

  • Fully explain the examination results
  • Answer any questions
  • Discuss a diagnostic evaluation

Step 3: Diagnostic Evaluation

After the diagnostic evaluation, the doctor will:

  • Explain the test results and suggest next steps. This might mean additional testing or a referral to one of the many programs available through UPMC.
  • Mail a written copy of the diagnostic evaluation to the executive and to the executive's personal or corporate physician, if requested.

Step 4: Coordinated Follow-Up Care

Our doctors can: