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International Travel Program

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The International Travel Program is a thorough, comprehensive service that was established to help people who travel abroad meet the medical requirements some countries impose — as well as recommendations to stay healthy during their trip.

The program, located at the UPMC's Downtown location at 339 Sixth Avenue., on the fifth floor of the Heinz 57 Center, is especially convenient for business travelers.

Services for Travelers

The International Travel Program offers professional, courteous service in bright, pleasant surroundings. The program's clinical staff can tell you what immunizations you may need, administer the injections, and provide complete health care planning for your trip, including preventive medications, if necessary.

Medical Consultation

The International Travel Program offers comprehensive medical consultation and evaluation. This evaluation includes a complete review of health and immunization history as well as complete patient education regarding immunization and prescriptions that may be necessary, including medications to help prevent malaria or common travelers' ailments such as diarrhea, as well as other potential infections.

In addition, the program has a compilation of data supplied by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the United States Department of State (DOS), and the World Health Organization (WHO), which provide general health guidelines for travelers who go to any part of the world. Included is information about the safety of water sources in foreign countries, safe food selections to avoid contamination, and precautions to take in climates with extreme heat or humidity, changes in altitude, as well as other helpful guidelines.

The International Travel Program clinical staff also can provide complete follow-up care in the event you are ill when you return from your trip abroad.


The program provides complete immunization services according to recommendations by the CDC, DOS, and WHO for travelers going to any part of the world. Immunizations must often be administered over a period of time prior to travel, so it is best to contact the International Travel Program as soon as you are aware of your travel plans. This will ensure that your immunization schedule can be completed before your departure.

If you are unsure whether you need immunizations before travel, consult with the International Travel Program when planning your trip.

Travel and COVID-19

The UPMC International Travel Program has up-to-date information on COVID-19 entry/exit travel stipulations for each country. There are frequent changes to rules and regulations based on current infection-related trends. We can help you navigate through the complex requirements.

International Travel Packs

Finding the necessary medications in foreign countries can be very difficult. UPMC International Travel Program's travel packs include necessities such as prescription-strength sleep aides, antibiotics, first aid supplies, face masks, and other essential medications. The travel packs are clear, compact, and carry-on approved. Our international travel pack may be purchased separately or as an addition to a full travel consult.

Payment for Services

There is a fee for research consultation and patient education, in addition to the cost of immunizations. These fees are not covered by medical insurance as they are considered to be elective. Payment is expected at the time of service.

For more information about the International Travel Program or to schedule an appointment, call 412-467-8224.