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​Integrative Medicine Research and Clinical Trials

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About Our Research

The UPMC Center for Integrative Medicine is dedicated to increasing knowledge about the effectiveness and safety of complementary and integrative medicine approaches.

Other integrative medicine modalities may not have been subjected to the same level of scientific inquiry as western medicine treatments. The Center for Integrative Medicine, in concert with the University of Pittsburgh, is actively pursuing research to investigate the benefits of these therapies.

These studies, and the research mission of the center, are supported by:

  • Local pilot funds
  • The National Institutes of Health
  • Philanthropic donations

For information about our research studies, please call 412-623-2374.

Patients Receiving Integrative Medicine Interventions Effectiveness Registry

As a patient at the Center for Integrative Medicine, please help us advance evidence in Integrative Medicine by participating in the P.R.I.M.I.E.R. Study:

Your participation in this national study is a valuable contribution to research and will help us better understand how integrative medicine affects patients’ physical and emotional health. Current patients at the Center for Integrative Medicine are eligible to participate in this easy research study:

Survey will be taken online in the form of five, 10-minute surveys over a 1-year period. Free parking will be provided for completing each survey. Patients will receive email reminders before each testing date.

Patients can enroll and complete the first survey in the waiting room at your next appointment at the Center for Integrative Medicine, or contact the Research Coordinator:

Christine McFarland