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Donating to the Liver Cancer Center Research Fund

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The UPMC Liver Cancer Center's team of experts are at the forefront of providing clinical services, innovative treatment strategies, and fundamental research for liver cancer. Our faculty and staff set the standards of care that other institutions follow.

We continually:

  • Push the limits of medical knowledge by conducting groundbreaking clinical research and establishing new treatment regimens
  • Provide care for patients from all walks of life.
  • Educate new generations of health care professionals.

Our Patients

We have seen an explosion in referrals to the Liver Cancer Center for patients with primary or metastatic liver tumors.

In 2010, we approximately:

  • Had 3,000 patient visits to the outpatient Liver Tumor Clinic.
  • Helped 400 patients with a liver cancer operation.
  • Treated 500 patients with regional chemoembolization therapies.

Our Clinical Breakthroughs

  • We are pioneering minimally invasive (laparoscopic) liver surgery techniques that result in less postoperative pain and shorter hospital stays.
  • We are one of only five medical centers in the United States about to launch a new gene therapy approach for patients with advanced metastatic colon cancer to the liver that have failed chemotherapy.
  • Finally, we have active research labs studying the causes and disease recurrence patterns for liver cancer.

Our work is critical, but we cannot do it alone.

As the need for liver cancer treatment and research continues to rise, the current economic situation has reduced the funding that helped to sustain us in the past.

Keeping up with the increased demand for state-of-the-art liver cancer treatment means:

  • Training and retaining the best surgeons, medical oncologists, and hepatologists in the world.
  • Supporting our clinical and basic researchers.
  • Continually fine-tuning our clinical techniques.

As you might expect, enormous resources are required to maintain a cutting-edge program like ours.

With grants and other sources of revenue becoming less and less certain in today’s difficult economic climate, we increasingly rely on the generosity of friends who believe in our commitment to patient care, education, and research.

We encourage you to support our efforts by making a gift to the program. Your generous donation will allow us to carry on our tradition as one of the top programs in the world, providing the highest quality of care to our liver cancer patients.

Your generosity is the key to our success and represents an opportunity for all of us to help make a difference. We hope you will join us.

David A. Geller, MD
Professor of Surgery
Co-Director, UPMC Liver Cancer Center

Make a Donation

If you're interested in making a donation to the UPMC Liver Cancer Center, or would like to discuss making a donation, please contact:

Cathy Majka
Director of Development
UPMC Liver Cancer Center
3600 Forbes Ave. at Meyran Ave.
Forbes Tower, Suite 8084
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Dr. David A. Geller

Toll-free at

All donations are tax deductible.

Contact the UPMC Liver Cancer Center

To schedule an appointment, or for more information, call the UPMC Liver Cancer Center, toll-free, at 1-855-745-4837.