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Images of Thermal Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) of Liver Tumors

1. RFA electrode
RFA electrode

2. Tumor in liver
Tumor in liver

3. Thermal ablation in progress
Thermalablation in progress

4. Complete tumor destruction
Complete tumor destruction

RFA generator
RFA Generator

RFA electrode tip
RFA Electrode Tip

Diagram of RFA procedure

Diagram of RFA Procedure
  • Power is applied until tissue impedance (resistance to electrical current) rises.
  • Generator detects impedance rise indicating tumor destruction and signals completion of procedure.
  • Early CT scan follow-up showing post-RFA changes for treated metastatic colon cancer to the liver

    Pre-op CT scan: Tumor is circled
    Pre-op CT scan: Tumor

    Three months post-RFA: Post-ablation changes
    3-moths post RFA: Post-ablation changes