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UPMC Headache Center in Pittsburgh, Pa.

If headache pain stops your day, you're not alone. About 90% of people in the U.S.get headaches at some point, and 15% each year have severe headaches.

They can affect you at any age and may worsen over time.

You might feel headache pain in the head or face. They're the most common form of pain and can last hours or days.

In the U.S., about 42 million people live with headache disorders such as migraine.

Looking for Headache Care?

If you need to know how to get rid of a headache, the UPMC Headache Center headache specialists are here. We can help you manage your headache pain and symptoms.

Types of Headaches We Treat at UPMC

Our headache doctors treat all types of headaches, such as:

  • The dull daily tension headache that sticks around.
  • The migraine that brings you to your knees.
  • The cluster that sends you pacing in pain.

Some common headaches we see are primary headaches, which aren't due to other health problems.

When Should I See a Doctor for a Headache?

Your headache can sometimes signal a serious problem.

See a headache doctor if:

  • You had a head injury.
  • Your headaches are severe.
  • Your pain is around your eye or ear.
  • You have nausea, vomiting, tingling, or numbness.
  • Your headaches upset your daily life.
  • Your symptoms get worse after improving.
  • You have a headache with convulsions or a stiff neck.
  • You are confused.
  • You have headaches often but didn't before.
  • You have a fever that lasts longer than 3 to 4 days.
  • Your symptoms don't get better after 10 days.
  • You've had several sinus infections in one year.

Tests, Treatments, and Procedures for Headaches

The UPMC Headache Center offers:

  • First-of-their-kind prescription medicines.
  • Innovative injectable devices and therapies.
  • Tools to treat your severe pain wherever you are.

Your doctor may suggest one or more treatments to treat your headaches.

Why Choose UPMC for Headache Treatment?

At the UPMC Headache Center:

  • We diagnose and treat headaches in nearly 1,200 people each month.
  • Our neurologists have board-certified training in the subspecialty of headache medicine.
  • We're one of the largest headache specialty programs in the U.S.
  • We train future and new brain doctors in headache medicine through our residency and fellowship programs. The United Council on Neurological Subspecialties has accredited our fellowship.
  • Our doctors work on National Institutes of Health-funded research to bring you the latest advances in headache medicine.
  • We listen, support, and take away your pain, enabling you to return to your loved ones.

Contact Us

Call us to learn more or plan a visit at 412-647-9494 or the main clinic at 412-692-4920

UPMC Headache Center
120 Lytton Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

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