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About Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Services

In keeping with the belief that all persons need to be treated with dignity and respect, UPMC established the Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Services in 2010.

What We Do

Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Services at UPMC:

  • Combines the principles of patient blood management with a culture of respect for the convictions and beliefs of individuals who are unable to accept blood transfusions for religious, ethical, or blood safety concerns.
  • Offers guidance to physicians and their patients on appropriate blood management strategies. UPMC is a leader in this field, and the center operates in collaboration with the UPMC Patient Blood Management Committee.
  • Provides consultations for developing treatment plans for patients who are Jehovah’s Witnesses or members of other religious denominations that refuse blood products.

Helping Patients Communicate Their Bloodless Medicine Wishes

Patients at any UPMC facility may request the assistance of the UPMC Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Services in communicating their wishes.

We encourage patients to talk to their doctors about steps they can take to reduce or eliminate the need for blood transfusions.

Not sure what to say? We can help.

We offer resources to support you when you're:

Learn More About Patient Blood Management and Bloodless Medicine

Contact Us

For more information about the Patient Blood Management Program at UPMC, please contact us at 1-877-674-7111.

What's New

Now Online: Our Release From Liability (RFL) Form

If you wish to refuse blood and/or blood products for a procedure, hospital stay, etc., you can save time by completing a Release From Liability for Failure to Administer Blood Transfusion Form (RFL) for Patients Who Decline Transfusions (PDF).

Are you pregnant or do you know someone who is?

Bloodless medicine solutions are available for expecting mothers who choose not to receive blood transfusions. Connect with a bloodless medicine advocate early in your pregnancy and learn about available options. Call 877-674-7111 to get started.