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Patient Blood Management Resources

Do you have an upcoming surgery, or would you like to learn about the ways physicians can manage your blood during procedures?

Our patient blood management resources and printable materials offer useful information about reducing unnecessary blood transfusions.

Printable Materials: Patient Blood Management

We’ve made some of our information convenient for you to access on the go.

If you need help talking to your physician about patient blood management before surgery, download and print the PDFs below and take them to your next appointment.

  • Blood Products Wallet Card (PDF): Fill out this printable wallet-sized card to help your doctor understand your wishes by considering in advance the use of various products derived from whole blood, synthetic products, and procedures that use autologous (your own) blood. This checklist may help you to be better prepared for surgery.
  • Glossary of Terms and Worksheet for Blood Products and Procedures (PDF): Use this worksheet to record your personal blood choices and to better understand the different blood products and procedures.
  • Patient Blood Management (PDF): Do you want to learn more about patient blood management at UPMC? Download our guide to patient blood management. The guide includes a work sheet that can be completed with your doctor when planning for surgery.
  • Patient Blood Management: Anemia and Cancer (PDF): Do you receive chemotherapy or radiation therapy as part of your cancer treatment? If so, you may become anemic. Learn what you can do to manage anemia during cancer treatments. Be sure to review our educational flier with your oncologist and/or personal physician.
  • Patient Blood Management: Anemia and Pregnancy (PDF): Are you pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant? Do you want to learn more about what you can do to incorporate patient blood management into your delivery plan? Be sure to read and review our educational flier with your obstetrician.
  • Blood Transfusions: What You Need to Know (PDF): Do you have questions about blood transfusions, blood products, the risks, and techniques you can use to reduce your need for blood transfusions during surgery? You can learn about these things and more by reading our educational flier.
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