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Odette Bailey, Bloodless Medicine Feature

Read about a patient's surgical experience and her request to reject a transfusion or blood products.

Now Online: Our Release From Liability (RFL) Form

If you wish to refuse blood and/or blood products for a procedure, hospital stay, etc., you can save time by completing a Release From Liability for Failure to Administer Blood Transfusion Form (RFL) for Patients Who Decline Transfusions (PDF).  

Pregnancy and Bloodless Medicine

Did you know bloodless medicine solutions are available for expecting mothers who choose not to receive blood transfusions? Connect with a bloodless medicine advocate early in your pregnancy and learn about the available options. Call 877-674-7111 to get started.

Awareness is Everything

Find out how UPMC is spreading the word about bloodless medicine and how it works. Read the article, No Blood, No Problem: Life-Saving Care Without the need for Transfusions (PDF).